Dave Beauvais’ Web Site

Dave Beauvais’ Web Site
I ran across Dave’s site from a link to his Pocket Internet Explorer Start Page v3.0. I’ve tried several different custom “default.htm” replacements for the PIE home page on my Pocket PC Phone Edition. His is by far the nicest looking, with extensive use of CSS and lots of customization potential. He’s working on making the source code available for others (like me) to use.

I also like the design and content of the rest of his site. I’ve been wanting to start my own “real” site for a while, complete with forums, etc. His site is still a work in progress, but it’s pretty much what I have in mind for my own site when I get around to it.

Oh, and I also have the honor of being the first person to register and post in his forum (in a thread about his PIE default page) that he doesn’t personally know. One day, when we both have fancy, popular geek/gadget sites and lots of readers, we can look back to today, and remember how we “met”.


One thought on “Dave Beauvais’ Web Site

  1. Meeeeemories! Found this old post in a Google search and thought it was pretty cool. I’d say you definitely win the contest for most popular site. 😉 Glad to see things have really taken off for you over the years!

    I’m just about to call it quits on the whole Web site thing. My hosting provider destroyed my WordPress database almost two months ago during an unannounced OS, PHP and MySQL “upgrade” on the server and has been completely unresponsive to my requests to restore it from a backup. (My own backup is rather old, but I couldn’t get it to import, either, under the new server software.)

    So I’ve been hacked out of existence twice and now the site is there but I can’t do anything with it… I think I’m just gonna give up because it’s just not worth the headaches I get from dealing with it.

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