When is “official” official? – “XDA II officially announced” 2.5 months after official announcement
While I agree with the sentiment being expressed here (this really is old news), I think that the blame probably lies with O2 “announcing” something again that they “announced” months ago. I don’t think Infosync is at fault for publishing this news, as it was likely released from O2 as “new” information.

Sometimes it feels, through the tone and voice of the writing at that the author(s) don’t have a very good relationship with other PDA sites. Once, Jason Dunn at Pocket PC Thoughts linked to the Google cached version of a story that was running, rather than link to the story directly. I asked in the article discussion why he didn’t just link it directly, and he practically snapped “nevermind that, just talk about the content of the article.” This is not unique to, or even the Pocket PC community, but for the most part, I’ve always been impressed at how much the Pocket PC world online feels like a community, rather than a rat race. Jason, Dale, Wes, Steve – can’t we all just get along?

Now, what I’m really waiting for is T-Mobile USA’s announcement of MDA II availability in the US! I’m so excited for this device!