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This article I saw on DigitalMediaThoughts hit a little close to home:

It is a bitter memory for Cameron Smith. He was 25 and newly married. While his wife worked one Saturday, he bought himself an $800 stereo with a credit card, set it up, and spent a blissful afternoon on the futon couch, listening to REM and the Grateful Dead.

But a thought occurred to him while driving that evening to pick up his wife: how to explain the stereo?

“We came in, and I said, ‘Look what I bought, honey!’ She took one look at me and said, ‘That can go back, right?’ Maybe it was more like, ‘That can go back.’ “

The stereo went back. “I learned my lesson,” said Smith, a manager at LNS Communications in Cambridge who will be married 10 years in August.

“We were newly married with no money to be spending on stereos,” said Gretchen Smith.

All men know it, though few will volunteer that they are under its spell: Wife Acceptance Factor.

I had to chuckle when I read this article, though in my own defense, I’ve never made a major purchase without consulting with my wife first. I feel like it would be a betrayal of our partnership and trust, and we’ve been very good so far about discussing and planning big purchases.

Now, little purchases are another matter. There seems to be an “impulse purchase threshold” of about $15-$20 where I occasionally employ the axiom “it’s easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.” 😉