iRiver H320 20GB MP3 player with Color LCD

Akihabara News : toutes les nouveautés High-Tech du pays des Sushis

Found this link via Gizmodo – Akihabara News has a review (in French, with English at the bottom of the page) of the iRiver H320:

This 20GB hard drive-based MP3 player seems to be comparable to the popular iHP-120 unit, with the major difference being a nice looking color LCD screen. The included remote doesn’t have an LCD (one feature I wish my iPod had), though the LCD remote from the iHP-120 is supposed to work with this new unit.

Interestingly, I wasn’t able to find any mention of the H-series players on iRiver’s U.S. site – I had to go to the Northern Europe site to find any info (and the pic shown above) on this new player. They also seem to have a 40 GB version, the H340.

When I was considering getting a portable MP3 player, I was leaning towards getting an iHP-120 because of the great things I heard about it from users (mainly the people in the A/V Club forum over at Ars. The decision was made moot when I received a 40GB iPod as a gift, though…