Microsoft issues denial that Xbox 2 won’t be Backwards Compatible

Major Nelson’s Blog – Xbox Programming Manager

Many sites, including mine, commented on the rumor that Xbox 2 was not going to be backwards compatible with current Xbox games. Besides the fact that the online community has been speculating wildly about details like this for months now, Microsoft felt it necessary to issue a rather strongly worded denial, going so far as to criticize the sites reporting on the rumor as “irresponsible”:

Recent stories in the press about future Xbox products are nothing more than pulp fiction. Microsoft hasn’t made any announcements regarding the next generation, so it’s far too early to speculate about specifics, including backward compatibility. In fact, this media conjecture is irresponsible. The credibility of any publication willing to compromise fact in favor of a catchy headline must be questioned. Xbox fans are smart enough to distinguish truth from sensational reporting.

Of course, they didn’t go so far as to confirm that Xbox 2 will have backwards compatibility, either. They just said that the specs aren’t final. Which is why we speculate. And will continue to speculate until the specs are final, at which point, speculation will cease. But I doubt that it will happen before then.