Motorola MPx on Moto’s Web Site

Motorola MPx

Wow. I guess Motorola decided to come clean with the details on their two hotly anticipated phones – first the MPX220 was added to their site earlier today, and now the MPx Pocket PC Phone Edition:

Thanks to for the heads-up. Nothing new as far as the specs – though I don’t see any final word on how much RAM it’s going to have. There’s been some speculation on this issue, since some pre-release specs said 128MB, but the engineering sample that was purchased by a lucky guy in Canada only has 32MB.

I’m starting to have a serious emotional conflict between the MPx and the MPX220. I don’t know which one I want more. When I look at the MPX220, and think of how much easier it is to work with the Smartphone platform compared to Pocket PC Phone Edition, I’m convinced that I’ll go with the MPX220. But then I look at the absolutely gorgeous pics and design of the MPx (see the Moto site for high-res versions), and the feature list (WiFi, integrated QWERTY keyboard, etc.), and I start to wonder if I could live with the limitations of Pocket PC Phone Edition to live with such a beautiful device. 32MB of RAM would be a deal breaker, but if the MPx does in fact ship with 128MB RAM, I’m going to have a serious gadget dilemma on my hands…

Whatever will I do?


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  1. I keep researching these phones and what I want is a Pocket Pc shaped like the clamshell with a keyboard that I can actually do a little work, emails, write articles and save–doesn’t ahve to be full word processing but files I can save and later convert to larger programs….I would like to get email too—what’s a girl to do, nothing seems to have all th erequirements–evryone is so worried about giving us songs to play–I just want to do a little work on my phgone…

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