MPx220 shown in “Motonext” promo booklet

Motorola MPx220 – Mobile Gazette – Mobile Phone News

Mobile Gazette is reporting even though the MPX220 still hasn’t been officially announced by Motorola, there’s another piece of “official”-looking evidence of its existence. It’s featured in Motorola’s “Motonext” promotional booklet:

Only new details I spy are that the camera will be 1.2 megapixel (instead of 1.3, as previously thought), and that a Pro-install Car Kit will be available.

This phone has got to be the worst kept secret in the industry. We have tons of photos, a couple of reviews, and a leaked press release. Thousands of people have to be salivating over this phone. It’s practically a guaranteed success. I wonder why Moto doesn’t just spill the beans and “officially” announce it already?