Hotmail boosted my storage space!


A while back, MSN announced that they were going to increase the storage space alotted to Hotmail users – 250MB for free accounts, and 2GB for paid “Extra Storage” accounts. This was their move to keep people from being lured away by Google’s free 1GB Gmail offering.

Well, announcements and press releases are all well and good, but I say, show me the money.

This afternoon, I noticed that my Hotmail storage space was boosted to 2000MB (I pay $19/year for Extra Storage). w00t! 🙂

It won’t keep me from migrating to Gmail as soon as I can access my Gmail account via IMAP or POP3 on my Smartphone inbox (Hotmail’s a spam magnet), but it’s still kind of nice to see MSN follow through with what they promised.


6 thoughts on “Hotmail boosted my storage space!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, for starters, its faster than Hotmail.

    Also, they have a mail search feature. The label instead of folders concept is also cool.

  2. In addition to the reasons posted by Anonymous above (speed, searching, labels), I have a few more.

    First, I tend to cycle through email addresses every few years. I’ve been using my Hotmail address since 1998, and over that course of time, it has started to collect a LOT of spam. I use Hotmail’s “Exclusive” email filter, which only allows email from my Safe List into my Inbox, but I still have to filter through my Junk Mail folder for stuff that I actually want, plus recently, I’ve been getting spam in my Inbox that’s definitely not on my Safe List. So making a fresh start with another account should help reduce the spam.

    Second, if I’m going to switch to a new account, I want a webmail account that I can easily access from anywhere.

    Lastly, and least tangibly, there’s the “goodness” that surrounds Google. They seem to have the Midas touch, where everything they do turns to gold. I love the fact that their credo is “Don’t Be Evil”. I’m not saying that Hotmail (or MS) is evil, but there’s just a certain something about Google and Gmail that attracts me.

    The last thing holding me back from switching to Gmail altogether is access from my Smartphone/Pocket PC. Right now, I get my Hotmail on my Smartphone by using as an IMAP gateway. As soon as Gmail offers IMAP or POP3 access, or IzyMail can act as a gateway for Gmail, I’ll make the jump. I’ll still keep my Hotmail account, since I’m registered at so many sites under it, but for personal correspondence, I’ll start using Gmail.

  3. I’d have to agree – GMail has ‘goodness’ to it that the other webmail clients don’t have. Call it the magic Google touch if you will but I’m a really big fan of GMail.

    I just hope they start allowing for POP3 access. The only reason I just signed up for a free MSN account was because I wanted something I could use Outlook Express with. Let’s just hope the the “free” MSN accounts get the 250 mb of space that Hotmail users are going to get soon.

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