MoDaCo user “kl1wdr” reviews the MPX220

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Where the heck are all of these european people getting a hold of this phone? This is like the fourth european (p)review of the MPX220 I have seen. Why no love for the U.S., Moto? Oh, this review is a (marginal but readable) translation of the German review mentioned elsewhere.

/end rant

Anyway, the review contains several photos and some impressions. Notables: the “flash” LED for the camera is apparently yellow instead of white. Hopefully this is fixed before release. The MPX220 is apparently quite speedy to use – seems to be the fastest of the current crop of Smartphones.

If anyone from Motorola is reading this, I’d be more than happy to provide the first U.S. preview of the MPX220 – have your people contact my people. 😉