Moto A630 Smartphone with QWERTY keyboard, camera

Brighthand – Motorola A630 Smartphone Sports Keyboard, Camera

Brighthand has some more info on this interesting hardware design from Motorola. Photos of this unit surfaced a few months ago on and a few other sites, but no concrete information was available. There was speculation as to whether the phone would run Pocket PC Phone Edition, or or Windows Mobile for Smartphones. The Brighthand article doesn’t say which OS it’s going to run, but predicts something proprietary. I’m not so sure, though. I think this phone is a great candidate to run Windows Mobile for Smartphones 2003 Second Edition. The screen size of 176 x 220 pixels sets off bells in my head, since that’s the resolution that other MS Smartphones, such as my Moto MPX200, use. If it does run the Smartphone OS, it would likely have to be the new 2003 Second Edition, which includes native support for screen rotation, to accomodate the landscape orientation of the screen. If it does run Smartphone OS, it would be the first such device (that I know of) to include a QWERTY keyboard.

Brighthand reports that it will be available via Cingular some time this summer. I’ll keep an eye out for more info between now and then, since I’m intrigued by the design of this phone.

Motorola is really kicking butt in the hardware design area – first the MPx and MPX200/MPX220, now this. Maybe they’re trying to become the Apple of the mobile phone industry?