Moto MPX100 Officially Cancelled

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It had the same featureset (camera, WM2003 for Smartphones, Bluetooth, etc.) as the MPX220, but came in a stylish (I thought) candybar layout, similar to most Nokia phones. But Moto has confirmed that it has officially been canceled, citing greater demand for clamshell-type phones, like the MPX220.

It’s too bad – the MPX100 was an awesome phone. I’m surprised that clamshells have become as popular as Moto says they are. It seems that not too long ago, all of the really cool phones were only available in the candybar shape. Then the MPX200 came along. Personally, the MPX200 was what converted me to the clamshell layout – built-in screen protection, larger screen, etc. It just works.

RIP, MPX100. We hardly knew ye…