MPX220 slated to be available in October from AT&T, Cingular

MotoSummer 2004 (Phone Scoop)

PhoneScoop gives us the first solid-sounding word I’ve heard about which carriers are going to be carrying the vaunted MPx220:

“The MPx220 is currently slated to be available from both AT&T Wireless and Cingular in October.”

No mention of T-Mobile, which means I’ll be looking for a way to unlock it for use on T-Mobile’s network (if I don’t manage to acquire an unlocked version).

Also of note is the October release date. This jives with the Q4 that Moto has told us, though I’d like to see something more concrete (like a product announcement, or a pre-order page, or something) before I get my hopes too high.


2 thoughts on “MPX220 slated to be available in October from AT&T, Cingular

  1. The more I look at the MPx, the more I’m thinking of waiting for it instead of the MPx220. Check out this link to a review I found on full of photos (the review is in French though, so you might have to use a translator like I did). I’m going to start saving my pennies now though … coz as we already know, it’s gonna be expensive:

  2. Anonymous says:

    I had an mpx220, I bought a QTEK S100 instead, the mpx220 was to basic and it has some serious problems.

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