New HP iPAQs showing up online – Hochaufl?sende Bilder aller iPAQ-Neuheiten – The center of your mobile life.

Lots of info is trickling out onto the web regarding the imminent availability of HP’s new line of iPAQs. has photos and specs of the upcoming models:

That’s the HS4705 model. Notice the touchpad that replaces the rocker-type D-pad? It will be interesting to see how well that works. It’s supposed to provide a mouse-like pointer for navigation. I don’t really understand the point, when you have a touch screen (one handed navigation? Hmm…), but oh well.

Here is the nitty gritty on the new models:

  • rz1715 (est. USD$279) – small and sleek, 203MHz Samsung CPU, 25 MB user accessible RAM, SD slot. Basically, the next-generation low-end replacement for the 1910. I’m dismayed that there’s so little RAM, and the CPU isn’t much of an improvement over current models. I’d pass on this one, unless you just want a basic PDA. Nice price, though.
  • rx3415 (est. USD$399) – same form factor as the rs1715, but adds Bluetooth, 802.11b wireless networking, and a 1.3 megapixel (1280×960) camera. This one has a more respectable 56MB of user accessible RAM, and also sports a Samsung processor, though the specs don’t say how fast it is. With the added processing burden of wireless and the camera, let’s hope it’s more than the rs1715’s 205MHz. The integrated wireless and camera make this unit quite attractive, especially since it seems to be wedged into a very svelte and trim form factor (114x71x16mm, 5.2oz).
  • rx3715 (est. USD$499) – appears to be identical to the rx3415, except that it carries a whopping 152MB of RAM! Wow. That’s the most on-board RAM I’ve ever seen in a PDA. 96MB is part of the iPAQ File Store, which means it’s non-volatile Flash ROM that won’t be lost if you hard reset the device. Lots of memory + integrated wireless + small form factor + camera = drool.
  • hx4705 (est. USD$649) – This is the unit pictured above. 4 inch screen, 624MHz Intel Bulverde CPU, CF and SD slots, integrated Bluetooth and 802.11b wireless, 135 MB user accessible memory (80MB iPAQ File Store), and that funky touchpad. This is the big mama enterprise iPAQ. I wonder if they’re going to try to do fingerprint security via the touchpad, a la the 5400/5500 series?
  • h6315 (est. USD$599) – This is the Phone Edition device that we’ve been hearing about forever. TI processor (no word on speed), every kind of wireless you can think of (GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth, 802.11b WLAN), plus it’s a phone. The rest of the features are pretty standard fare (SD slot, 64MB RAM, etc.), though the 1800mAH battery is pretty beefy. It’s nice to see a Pocket PC Phone Edition that includes WiFi. This unit will go head to head this fall with the Motorola MPx for the title of Best Pocket PC Phone Edition – will its lack of a QWERTY keyboard hurt it, or will it come out on top?

I probably won’t be participating in this upgrade cycle (famous last words, I know), mainly because right now, my iPAQ 4350 (with integrated wireless and QWERTY keyboard) + MPX200/MPX220 Smartphone suit me just fine. The new iPAQs are definitely attractive, and I’ll be recommending them to people looking to buy a PDA, but there’s just not quite enough compelling novelty to make me seriously consider upgrading my 4350. Yet.

Of course, the year is young, and I have yet to hold one of these babies in my hot little hands, so who knows what will happen…