Picasa (great photo manager app) is now free, thanks to Google!

Picasa: Automated Digital Photo Organizer software, instant photo albums, sharing & printing: Download

I’ve been playing with an app called Picasa, a great photo manager application. It organizes your photos into albums sorted by date, lets you view an easy timeline or slideshow. It doesn’t sound like anything special, but it’s really, really slick.

There’s also a neat little app they have called Hello, which is a photo-based instant messaging program that lets you send photos to other Hello users, as well as making it extremely simple to post photos to Blogger (which happens to power this site, and my personal site,

Anyway, I have been evaluating this program, and I like it a lot. Even more importantly, my wife likes it a lot, and it’s a lot easier for her to post photos using Hello than to worry about HTML, inlining, linking, etc. We were all ready to fork out $29 to buy Picasa. It’s well worth it.

I’m glad we didn’t, though, because as of this morning, Picasa is now available for free. A couple of days ago, Picasa was acquired by Google, who also happens to own Blogger. Google didn’t waste any time in making Picasa available for free – a great move that, in my opinion, will only strengthen Blogger’s already strong position as a great web publishing tool.

If you don’t have Picasa already, go get it now, for free!