RIM’s Blackberry “push” email to be available on Moto MPx, MPX220

Blackberry Connect Solution to Be Enabled in Motorola MPx and MPx220 Mobile Devices

Looks like the upcoming dynamic duo of the MPx and MPX220 from Motorola will support Research in Motion’s popular “Blackberry” push email technology. As I understand it, this would made the devices able to receive pushed email when it arrives, as opposed to a traditional system of the email client polling for new mail every n minutes.

No mention is made in the article (it reads more like a press release, and is light on details) about what a carrier would have to do to support this. Probably because no carriers have revealed whether or not they’re going to carry these phones (T-Mobile, I’m looking at you…). The article just states that the software will be available for download in Q4.

I wonder how hard it would be to make this work with my company’s existing Blackberry Enterprise setup? Lots of manager-types here have Blackberry devices, so I know it’s set up on our Exchange servers. I like the idea of having access to my work email, Blackberry-style, but without having to carry a seperate device. Hopefully, I’ll be able to cobble something together once the MPX220 becomes available.

Anyone else excited about this?


One thought on “RIM’s Blackberry “push” email to be available on Moto MPx, MPX220

  1. What's_The_Fuss says:

    I am seriously questioning what’s the fuss with this RIM’s idea of “push” technology. It brings nothing significantly more than asking the coporate customers to have high TCO for their ISP to maintain the middlewares involved with this technology.

    What’s so wrong with the traditional way of setting your client email programme to poll for new mails on the server every 1 second if you like.

    What’s the big hurry, you can’t wait another minute for that email to automatically come while you sit there and stare at your mobile device ? If you’re in such a hurry at all and you’re expecting something to come just that second the sender hits ‘send’ button, wouldn’t you the receiver be smart enough to keep click on recieve button on your email client to poll the server?

    This is when people like RIM are trying to act smart by implementing new technologies and components but achieve nothing significant in the way the end user appreciates the functionality.

    Ok , you put it a middleware, you tie in box with the WWAN ISP, you make good friends with them. Hey great to see you’re able to come up with a new way to make friends outside your cubicle, for once in your lives.

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