T-Mobile not carrying Moto MPX100 and MPx?

T-Mobile not carrying Moto MPX100 and MPx?

Engadget reports that there’s a rumor going around that T-Mobile has dropped their plans to launch the Moto MPX100 Smartphone (same feature set as the MPX220, but in a candybar format), and are thinking about doing the same with the MPx.

These phones are going to be wildly popular. They’re perfectly suited to T-Mobile’s $19/month unlimited GPRS internet plan. Why in the world would they consider not carrying these phones?

There was no mention of my beloved MPX220 (though there has never been official confirmation that they were going to carry any of the new Moto Smartphones), so maybe it’s still on the roadmap.

I guess it won’t really affect me if they decide not to carry these phones, even the MPX220, since I’ll likely get it unsubsidized from CompUSA, assuming I can unlock it work on T-Mobile. But it just doesn’t make sense to me, why they would decide not to carry what are promising to be the hottest phones of the year…