Windows Mobile 2003 for MPX200. Sort of. – Windows Mobile 2003 for MPx200 released – with a bitter sweet taste

User “@nonymous” has made a German Windows Mobile 2003 ROM for the Motorola MPX200 Smartphone available. You can get it at (follow the link above). Though the ROM is in German, you can easily change the UI to English with a simple registry hack – instructions here.

@nonymous claims that the new ROM increases the standby time of the phone up to 4 or 5 days, plus it includes all of the features and benfits of WM2003 (optimization/speed due to being based on WinCE.NET 4.2, improved Inbox, etc.).

If you’re dying to get Windows Mobile 2003 on your MPX200, and are willing to take the risk of turning it into a very expensive paperweight/void your warranty, then this is your chance. If you didn’t already know, performing a ROM update involves a hard reset, so all data, settings, and applications you may have installed will be lost. Plus, this is a completely unsupported ROM – there’s no way Motorola or your carrier is going to help you do this. Caveat haxor.

Personally, I’m don’t know whether I’m going to do this or not. The MPX220 is slated to come out Real Soon Now(TM) (I’m hearing August from credible sources), and it’s always a pain to reinstall/reconfigure a device after a hard reset. If I start feeling feisty, maybe I’ll give it a shot. You can bet that I’ll post about it here if I do.


One thought on “Windows Mobile 2003 for MPX200. Sort of.

  1. Anonymous says:

    It works, but the problem is that your Smartphone needs to be Simlock FREE, or else you are unable to completely boot into the Operating system, ’cause it needs the Unlock key.

    Installing WM2003 without unlocking the Simlock ’causes the phone to be useless.

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