Xbox: PGR2 Long Beach Booster Pack

PGR2: Long Beach Booster Pack – First Info & Screens

I snagged the Paris booster pack for Project Gotham Racing 2 a while ago – one new city (Paris) with 8 or so new tracks, and 7 or so new cars. It’s great fun, and got me interested in PGR2 again (so much so that I played it more than once in a week!).

Now, here comes word of the next booster pack – Long Beach:

The tracks and scenery look nice, and it looks like the new cars include the Dodge Ram SRT/10 (with the beastly V-10 from the Viper), what looks like a Ferrari 456, an older muscle car from the 60s (‘Cuda?), the VW Nardo, and a couple of others.

None of the new cars really jump out and grab me, but it’s always nice to have new tracks and an increased car selection (PGR2 already has well over 100 cars to select from). I’ll probably pick this up when it comes out. When you think about the $5 cost, I tend to compare it to things like magazines – how much entertainment will I get from this $5 compared to buying a magazine, etc. Pretty good value, if you ask me.