BlackCoat T-Shirt with Hidden Gadget Pockets

Hide your gadgets in your BlackCoat-T – Engadget –

Similar to the Scott eVest I got for my birthday last year, this t-shirt has hidden zippered pockets for keeping your gadgets (cell phone, iPod, PDA, etc.) close by and accessible.

I love my Scott eVest, but I don’t get to wear it nearly as often as I’d like, because I get too hot (I’m a rather well-insulated guy to begin with). That means I only get to use it during the cold months. A t-shirt like this might be more suitable to year-round use. Maybe if I got a few of these, I wouldn’t have to wear cargo pants all the time to carry my gadgets. 🙂

Looks like they’re on sale right now, too – $15 marked down from $35. Tempting…