Bloglines Withdrawals

Just noticed this when I tried to go to, to check my RSS feeds:

Noooooo! I feel like an addict that needs a fix, and can’t get it. I’ve come to depend on for checking all of my geeky/gadget sites for updates. It’s a fantastic tool for staying up to date, and I love the fact that it has a great mobile version for reading on my iPAQ over WiFi, or my Smartphone over GPRS, and no matter where I read from, the read/unread status of my feeds stays in sync, so I don’t have to re-read stuff I’ve already read, or manually mark stuff as “read”.

My blogroll, over in the sidebar (it’s there when is working), is a real-time reflection of the feeds and sites I’m subscribed to, so if you ever wondered what sites I follow, wonder no more. It automatically updates as I add new feeds. If you want to subscribe to some or all of the sites I read, you can click on the OPML link to download an XML file in OPML format, suitable for importing into your favorite RSS agggregator.

I’ve been meaning to write up a full scale review of, so look for that to come soon. I just thought their update image was funny. Does that mean that the plumber is their mascot now? Hey, it worked for Nintendo. 😉