Boardbug Baby Monitor Watches

Gizmodo : Boardbug Baby Monitor Watches

I’ve got to get a pair of these to keep track of my one year old daughter:

It’s a 21st centrury version of the baby monitor. They have two versions: one for babies, which monitors basic stuff like audio and temperature, and one for toddlers, which adds a proximity alarm (if they wander too far away), and a “panic button”, which, uh, probably sounds a loud alarm, and scares your child into staying put while you find them. Both versions sound an alert on the parent unit if they’re removed or tampered with.

Not as fancy as some of the wireless cellular/GPS-enabled child trackers, but probably not as expensive, either.

What do you think the odds are that I’ll be able to convince my wife that we need these? 😉


4 thoughts on “Boardbug Baby Monitor Watches

  1. Anonymous says:

    nah top idea….my 18 month old went walk about at his grandma’s escaping from the garden down the pavement, he was only gone for 3 mins and a nice man found him fortunatley…BUT it wont ever happen again!!!..he is a little hoodini and il buy anything to keep him safe..well worth it and brilliant innovation…il be buying one asap, theres an alarm that goes off too if removed…its just for my piece of mind when he is at his grandmas….must say though its not a subsitute for watching your child, they can get up to all sorts of mischief..but extra secuirty is a bonus, come in handy too when we go on holiday…hopefully it will be like those extra eyes in the back of my head that i always seem to it!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The most complicated, irritating piece of electronic gadgetry available. You need to be Einstein to work out how it works!

    Sent it back after the strap broke trying to figure out fitting the battery.

    It tries to be too much – the only thing missing is the ability to display fases of the moon!!

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