Brush With Greatness

We were at my brother-in-law’s this afternoon for a family get together. There were tons of people – probably 30 or 40, and kids running around everywhere. A little while before we left, my sister-in-law’s brother sees my MPX200 on my hip and asks “Is that a Smartphone?”

I said that it was, and he said that he worked at Microsoft, and he had worked on the Inbox application for the Smartphone. My jaw was practically on the floor! 🙂 I knew Tina’s brother worked at Microsoft, but I had never met him before, so I didn’t know what products he was involved with.

We only had a few seconds to talk, because of all the chaos, and everyone was packing up and getting ready to leave, but I told him that I had upgraded my MPX200 to Windows Mobile 2003 a few days ago. I said that one of the things I like the most is the improved Inbox – one inbox for each account, and multiple account support. He said that was the first thing he did when he was put on the project – “nobody has just one email account”! I told him that I was suffering from some battery life problems, (I’ll get into that in more detail when I post my WM2003 review), probably because the new OS is a lot more tenacious/persistent about keeping a GPRS connection alive, so it’s using the radio a lot more. As if I wasn’t awed and envious enough already, he had a Canon Digital Rebel, too. :drool:

Anyway, I told him that I run this site, which is pretty much dedicated to Smartphones and Pocket PCs (and whatever other geeky things I’m interested in). I’m going to ask Tina for his email address, so I can send him a link. Tad, if you’re reading this, it was great to meet you. Maybe you can give me the inside scoop on how I can get involved in evaluating and reviewing new products! 😉


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