CNET Reviews the iPAQ rx3715

HP iPaq Mobile Media Companion rx3715 review – Intro – Handheld Devices – CNET Reviews

This is one of the gadgets I’m really excited about, and will likely be my next PDA.

The review praises the performance and battery life of the rx3715. Speedwise, its 533 MHz Samsung CPU is only bested by the Dell X30 with an Intel XScale 624 MHz chip, and this is what the reviewer had to say about battery life (thanks to the hefty 1400 mAh battery):

However, the rx3715’s strongest suit is its extremely long battery life. In our drain tests, where we let the device play a movie clip repeatedly with the sound on, set the backlight at High, and turned off the wireless radio, the rx3710 managed to sustain up to 8.5 hours of use, almost twice as long as the former leader, the 312MHz Dell Axim X30. Since our test is designed to drain the battery in the fastest manner, you can expect far longer between charges in real-world general usage. In our more informal testing, we were absolutely astounded at how long this Pocket PC lasted with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios on and the backlight set at High.

The reviewer also liked the included Nevo universal remote control software, but wasn’t so enthused about the new Nevo Mobile Media software, which lets you slowly and awkwardly access photos, music, and video on a PC running the “server” component of the software.

The only thing I’m waiting for is availability. HP “annouced” the new generation of iPAQs officially a couple of weeks ago, and reviews have been popping up around the ‘net, but so far, the new iPAQs don’t seem to be available in stores. I’d like to put my hands on one, and play with it a bit before I decide to replace my 4350. But so far, there’s nothing about the rx3715 that would prevent it from becoming my next “precious”.