First Photos of the Upcoming Treo 650

Actual pics of the new Treo Ace/Treo 650 – Engadget –

Rumors have been flying for a while about the upcoming successor to the palmOne Treo 600 – the “Ace”, which we now know is called the Treo 650. Now, the first photos of the new device have become available:

The Treo 650 is slated to include a faster 312MHz processor, a higher-resolution (320×320) screen, Bluetooth, and a higher-resolution (1 MP) camera. Other improvements noted over at Engadget seem to include a removeable battery, mirror for taking self-portraits, recessed SD slot, and possible push-to-talk (PTT) functionality.

Head over to Engadget to check out the rest of the photos – they cover almost all angles on this new device.

I was tempted for a while by the original Treo 600 because of its small size and integrated keyboard, but the low-res screen and lack of Bluetooth turned me off. Now that that Treo 650 seems to address these issues, I might have to reconsider. Though it’s more a PDA-with-phone-functionality than a true smartphone, it will definitely be a competitor to the Motorola MPX220. Decisions, decisions…