Free all-ports GPRS access through T-Mobile

Free, all ports GPRS access through T-Mobile? –

T-Mobile is the best provider in the U.S. for cheap GPRS internet access from a Smartphone or phone-enabled PDA. Back in the days when other carriers were (and still are) charging by the megabyte, and $80 or more per month for unlimited cellular internet access, T-Mobile broke new ground by offering unlimited GPRS access for $19.99/month (as long as you have a voice plan at $29/month or higher). I immediately signed up, back when I had my Pocket PC Phone Edition, and it’s been essential to me ever since.

At some point, people figured out that you could get more or less free GPRS access (sometimes you had to pay for “T-Zones”, at $4.99/month) using the “” Access Point Name (APN). The catch was that the ports on this free access were limited to web (port 80) and POP email (port 110). No MSN Messenger or AIM, no IMAP email, no HTTPS/SSL, and no VPN. For that reason, I stuck with the paid plan, since I use MSN Messenger and IMAP on my Smartphone constantly, and VPN occasionally.

Well, I read this morning on PocketPCThoughts that T-Mobile seems to have removed the port restrictions on the free access using the APN. I tried it out, by switching my Smartphone to use that APN, then did some tests.

Web pages? Check.
MSN Messenger? Check.
IMAP email? Check.

I still need to check on an HTTPS site, but so far, everything seems to be working just fine.

I think I just figured out a way to save twenty bucks a month! 🙂