French site Mobinaute reviews the Moto MPx


I swear I’m going to move to Europe if this keeps up. Where do they get access to all of these pre-release Moto phones? Is there some black market for pre-release phones over there that we unlucky Americans can’t access? *sheesh*

Anyway, this french site has posted what looks like the most detailed review yet of a pre-release version of the upcoming dula-hinged Moto MPx Pocket PC Phone Edition. If you don’t read french, here’s a Babelfish translation. Regardless of how much french you read, there are tons of great pictures of the device, including it’s screens and software.

I thought this photo was interesting for size comparison purposes:

That’s a 3G iPod next to it – seems to be about the same size. Which is to say, pretty slim for a dual-flip Pocket PC device with an integrated QWERTY keyboard.

Thanks to rednoc for the heads-up.