“Hidden” features in the MPX220

PPCW.Net – PREVIEW: The hidden Motorola MPx220 features

Arne Hess over at is reporting on two “hidden” features that are possibly going to be included in the upcoming MPX220.

First, there’s the camera self-portrait mode. While most cameraphones provide a tiny little mirror next to the lens to you can see yourself and snap a pic, the MPX220 will supposedly be able to use the external color display on the phone as a viewfinder for self-portraits, or taking photos with the phone closed. I read somewhere last week that this wasn’t going to be a feature, so I’m a little confused. Still, it’s great if it’s true.

Second, the keypad backlight is slated to have an ambient light sensor, a la the original 3600-series iPAQs, that turns on the keypad backlight when light conditions are low, and leaves it off to conserve power when there is bright ambient light. Neat feature – seems like every device should do this.


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  1. Thanks again for the heads-up – I just posted about that page.

    It’s a very cool site, and it’s gotten me even more excited for the MPX220 to come out. 🙂

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