How Slow is the HP iPAQ h6315?

How Slow is the HP iPAQ h6315?

Apparently, pretty darn slow. HP decided to go with a battery-sipping TI 168 MHz CPU (when most current Pocket PCs are using CPUs in the 400, 500, or 600 MHz range) in order to maximize battery life. Well, the result is one of the slowest Pocket PCs to date, according to some benchmarks by the guys over at Mobile Gadget News. The $600 iPAQ 6315 is slower in the benchmark than the original T-Mobile MDA Pocket PC Phone Edition, and even the original iPAQ 3600, both of which sport a 206MHz StrongARM CPU.

The real question is, will people really care, or will they be happy with the trade off for longer battery life? Personally, I don’t think I could deal with it, especially after being spoiled by the 400MHz XScale CPU in my current iPAQ. I guess time will tell if this was a shrewd move or a fatal one for the 6315.


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  1. Picked up an hx4705 after extensively researching the 6315 and glad I made that decision. My coworker with the 6315 constantly complains of slow speeds and unresponsiveness of his $699 piece of equipment. I can deal with two responsive units (pda/phone) vs. one slow and useless one. Awesome review.

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