MoDaCo Reviews the Orange SPV C500 Smartphone

MoDaCo Smartphone – View topic – Paul’s C500 Review – Updated 12/08 23:45

The SPV C500 Smartphone (manufactured by HTC, and known by other names from other providers) is the world’s smallest Smartphone (with a capital S, meaning it runs Windows Mobile for Smartphones). It’s a candybar layout, and feature-wise, very comparable to the upcoming clamshell Moto MPX220:

Paul at MoDaCo gives the unit a thorough once-over in his review. It’s very informative – check it out!

The C500 is a viable alternative if you’re someplace where it’s easier to get phones from Orange, or if you don’t mind importing unlocked phones from Qtek, etc. Too bad this little dynamo will probably never be offered by any US carriers.