Moto MPx Pocket PC Phone Edition Delayed Until 2005? – Second bad news item from Motorola: the Motorola MPx delayed to year 2005

This has been speculated on before, but is claiming to have “very reliable confirmation” that the dual-flip MPx Pocket PC Phone Edition will not be available until after the beginning of 2005.

Hopefully Moto is using this time to add more memory to the device. 32MB is just not enough.


5 thoughts on “Moto MPx Pocket PC Phone Edition Delayed Until 2005?

  1. It shouldn’t be surprising that there will be a delay, but I totally agree with you that it would be a good thing if they would add more memory to the device!

  2. How the grammatically challenged publishers at MSMOBILES.COM could reliably confirm anything is beyond me.

    I used to check that page out a lot but I got tired of the inflammatory language they use there … seemingly to incite readers to leave negative comments or to badmouth other more reputable sites out of envy.

    At the end of the article they say “All consumers we advise not to wait [for the MPx] but to buy Pocket PC phones … ” (which they already own and can’t gush enough about. Thanks, but I’ll wait for the sleeker more advanced MPx and leave the bulky PPC on the desk or in the gym bag, where it belongs.

  3. Rednoc – I got your email, and tried to delete the duplicate comments, but got the following error from Blogger:

    “We’re sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

    The following Errors were found:

    postID: This comment has been previously deleted.”

    I’ve seen the multiple comment thing happen before, so I guess we’ll just have to live with it this time. 🙂

    Regarding, I’m not sure what their problem is. Their style and tone does come across as less than professional sometimes, and I’ve seen them attack devices and other sites with seemingly no reason. I guess the next few months will tell if their “very reliable” information is “very reliable”.

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