Motorola “launches” MPx220 Japan

Motorola launches MPx220 Windows Mobile smartphone in Japan

Got this via a Google News alert (thanks to rednoc, too, for pointing it out) – Motorola has “launched” the MPX220 in Japan, along with two Linux-based phones, the A780 and the A768i.

I say “launched”, because I think they really mean “announced”. I got all excited (and jealous) thinking that it was available now in Japan, but the linked article doesn’t mention anything about availability, immediate or otherwise. However, the DigiTimes story linked to in the article says:

Motorola introduced a lineup of smartphone models for the second half – the A768i and A780 with Motorola’s new Linux smartphone OS and the MPx220 – in Japan yesterday. The three models will be launched in the second half of this year.

So it sounds like Moto has just announced the phones, and they’ll be available some time before the end of the year (just like here).

Oh well. I got all excited for a minute, but I have faith that it will actually be available somewhere, sometime, before I die. 😉