Motorola MPx and MPx220 Release Dates, Carriers, Pricing

Motorola MPx and MPx220 Unleashed : Online Phone Magazine : has the scoop on some new info for the Motorola MPX220 and MPx. According to their “trusted Asian carrier source”, and some checking they did, the MPX220 Smartphone will be released on September 27, 2004, on AT&T wireless. The subsidized price (with a new plan) will be $299. Corporate users will have a camera-less version available.

The dual-hinged MPx Pocket PC Phone Edition will be available on November 30, 2004 from AT&T Wireless, earlier than the possible Q1 2005 date reported earlier. It will go for $550-$600 with new plan activation, which is about what I predicted, and much lower than the $800-$900 figures that some people were throwing around.

Both phones will be SIM locked to AT&T’s GSM network, and PhoneMag has confirmed that T-Mobile won’t be carrying either of these phones. So, T-Mobile users like me will have to buy the AT&T versions and get them unlocked (which was easy for the MPX200, and will hopefully be equally so for the new models).

Apparently, Moto is still trying to decide how much RAM to put in the MPx (32MB vs 48MB). The obvious answer of “64MB or more is a must!” doesn’t seem to have occurred to them. Flash memory is so cheap these days that I don’t understand why there’s even a question here. They’ve also been releasing new ROMs at the rate of 2 a month, so expect some changes from any of the previews that have been floating around the net.

Am I excited about this news? You bet your pants. I just hope that it really is as true as PhoneMag claims it to be. Not that I have any reason to doubt them (it sounds like they have a good source), but I hate to get my hopes up about something like this, only to have them dashed by delays or other launch problems. I guess I won’t be truly satisfied until I have an MPX220 (I still haven’t decided on silver or black) in my hot little hands. Until then, nothing is certain.

Thanks once again to rednoc for the heads-up on this – he’s quickly becoming my news source for stuff that I don’t pick up on first! 😉