New CDMA Slider Smartphone for Verizon – HTC Vivida

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The FCC strikes again! Pictures and user manual information have been posted on the FCC’s site for a new Microsoft Smartphone from HTC: the Vivida.

You’ll notice there’s no visible keypad – that’s because this is a slider-type phone. The keypad is accessible when the screen slides up and out of the way:

This is a CDMA phone, meaning it will most likely be released by Verizon in the USA. Screenshots from the user manual at shows a “1X” icon in the title bar, indicating that the phone uses Verizon’s 2.5G “Express” 1xRTT data network, meaning data speeds of 40 to 60 Kbps, with bursts up to 144 Kbps. In real life scenarios, I’ve heard Verizon’s Express network speeds are about comparable to GPRS. The phone also appears to be running Windows Mobile for Smartphones 2003, not Second Edition (which really doesn’t add much for Smartphones).

I’m excited to see this phone come out, even if it’s unlikely I’ll switch to Verizon for it. It’s always good to see a new phone running Windows Mobile for Smartphones, and it’s nice to see the Verizon/CDMA folks get another option (besides the Samsung i600) if they want a Microsoft Smartphone.

Stay tuned for any new info on this upcoming phone.


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  1. your mom says:

    This is a horrible looking phone. Worst design for a phone ever. You must have really bad taste if you like this thing.

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