palmOne Tungsten T5 Rumors

Is this the Tungsten T5? – Engadget –

Engadget has what might be photos of the upcoming palmOne Tungsten T5 handheld:

Rumor has it that it will run PalmOS 6 (codenamed Cobalt), have 128MB of RAM, Bluetooth and WiFi, and a 520 MHz processor. There are also rumblings of the Tungsten E2, which is getting a bump in the memory, OS version, and CPU departments.

My opinion on the Tungsten T5 (and most upcoming palmOne handhelds, excepting the Treo 650)? Meh. My first impression upon viewing the blurry spy photo above was “boring”. Don’t get me wrong – it’s got nice specs for a PalmOS device, but there’s nothing exciting about it, and nothing that hasn’t been available in a Pocket PC for months. Maybe that’s why Pocket PC recently overtook Palm in handheld marketshare…