Pics of the Dell Axim X50?

Engadget – Leaked pic of Dell’s Axim X50 Pocket PC

Thanks to rednoc for pointing this out to me – he gets up earlier than I do, and often finds the juicy tidbits before I get around to checking all of my RSS feeds for the day.

Pics appear to have leaked for the rumored Dell Axim X50 Pocket PC:

The Japanese forum where the pic was leaked claims the specs will be pretty much what we expect – VGA screen, 624 MHz Bulverde processor, 128MB RAM, dual slots (CF and SD). In addition to Bluetooth, the site claims that the faster 802.11g Wireless LAN standard will be used, a first in a handheld.

So what do you think? Is this “leaked” pic photoshopped, or the real thing? It bears a strong resemblance to the current Axim X5, which is unfortunate in my opinion, because the X5 was pretty bulky. Small, slim, and sleek is where it’s at, Dell!


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  1. I don’t get up THAT early. I’m on the east coast … I assume your server is somewhere halfway between Fort Lauderdale and LA to account for the 2 hour difference. :o)

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