PocketNow Reviews the iPAQ rx3715 – Reviews – HP iPAQ rx3715 Pocket PC – v3.0

I tend to have a bit of a one (or two) track mind. When there’s new gadget or device out there that I’m really interested in, I scavenge all of my site feeds that I subscribe to for any tiny tidbit of information. Well, today, I hit the motherlode.

PocketNow has a review up of the iPAQ rx3715, which is, as you may have noticed, one of the current objects of my obsession. In typical PocketNow fashion, the review has photos of the device from every possible angle, all the vital specs, and covers all of the functionality of the unit, from the camera to the cradle to the included software.

One thing that made me kind of disappointed was the following note about the includes software for streaming media to the Pocket PC from a networked computer:

A huge disappointment, however, is the lack of support for MP3 files. The device can only stream and play WMA music files. For many people, MP3 is the one and only format used in their media library. To me, this is a catastrophic oversight. The rx3715 loses value really quickly if not everyone is able to take full advantage of its bread and butter capabilities.

Bummer. All of my music is MP3 (except for the AAC tracks I’ve purchased from the iTunes Music Store). Oh well. I guess I won’t be streaming music to my rx3715 if (when) I get one. That’s what my iPod is for.

If you’re only a fraction as interested in the rx3715 as I am, don’t miss this review.


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