PPCW.Net Reviews SanDisk 256 MB MiniSD Card

PPCW.Net – REVIEW: SanDisk 256 MB miniSD Card

Arne Hess over at has the first review I’ve seen of the only memory card that will work in the upcoming MPX220 – MiniSD.

There’s not much novelty – the only notable feature is that it’s, uh, smaller. It is nice to know that Sandisk ships their version of the card with an SD adapter, so you can use your MiniSD card with devices like your Pocket PC that only accept SD.

EDITORIAL: Why, oh why do we need another memory card format? Whatever happened to standards? I know that every manufacturer out there thinks that they can improve on the good old memory card, but it seems like new card formats are being introduced simply for their own sakes. Besides MiniSD, the last few weeks have seen the announcement of TransFlash and µflash. My MPX200 uses SD. My iPAQ 4350 uses SD. The upcoming MPX220 uses MiniSD. It’s not like they’re saving space – the MPX220 is larger than the MPX200 in almost every respect. Besides the fact that I’ll have to buy a new memory card when I get an MPX220 it worries me that the MPX220 is the only device I know of that has announced support for MiniSD. The only way prices will fall and acceptance will rise for a new card format is if everyone embraces it. My crystal ball says that with so many new formats coming, the chances of that happening are slim.