Rumor Day Continues: Dell Axim X50

PDA News – Axim X50 rumors, Tungsten T5 pics & specs, Tungsten OS upgrade?

In addition to some more speculation on the palmOne Tungsten T5, BargainPDA has some juicy tidbits from an apparent mole inside Dell:

According to the report, the Axim X50 will have three different models in its line, with the highest using a 3.7 inch VGA screen. The X50 will have dual expansion slots, CompactFlash and SD, “among other things.” The dimensions will be close to those of the X30, but it will not use the form-factor of either the X30 or the X5, opting for a new design that, in the words of the source, “…looks a bit like the rumored iPaq 2000 series…” No word yet on wireless or price point, but we’ll keep pumping him. He did add that the documentation lists a release date in October.

Hmm. Very interesting, and it makes sense. The X30 is great, but Dell needs to keep innovating if they’re going to keep the interest of fickle gadget geeks like us.