Treo 650 GSM Speculation, Slashdot Discusses the Treo 650

Slashdot | Examining the Treo 650 Smartphone

Head over to Slashdot for some more discussion on the Treo 650 that was revealed yesterday. Seems that the camera will be 1.3 MP (the de facto standard for upcoming devices).

Also, I noticed on the photos that came out yesterday that the model in the photos appears to be the GSM version (it has a SIM card slot). Maybe that means the GSM version will come out first this time (instead of later, like with the Treo 600)? Sprint is rumored to be passing on the Treo 650, and Verizon just barely launched the Treo 600. Maybe the Treo 650 will be GSM only when it launches, at least for a while? It makes sense to me.