TrustedReviews, uh, Reviews the iPAQ rx3715

TrustedReviews – HP iPAQ rx3715

More and more reviews of this unit are starting to pop up. This time, we get one from a non-Pocket PC focused site, TrustedReviews:

They seem to like the device overall, and spend most of the review discussing the media-centric software that HP has bundled with the rx3715:

None of the software and features on the iPAQ rx3715 are impossible to configure on other Pocket PCs. But three things make this Pocket PC unique: the integration of all these elements onto ROM, the provision of copious amounts of memory in which to run locally stored media and saved images (152MB of available memory really is a vast amount for a Pocket PC), and the means to access all those multimedia odds and ends from a single non-standard main screen.

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Expect to see a review from me, as soon as they become available.

Anyone from HP or Microsoft know how I can get a review unit?