Access Gmail on Your Mobile Device. Sort Of.

Gmail for cellphones – Engadget

Gmail is the new Friendster. Or something. But due to all of the fancy javascript used in the Gmail interface UI, it hasn’t been possible to access your Gmail on the more feature-restricted browsers on mobile devices like Pocket PCs and Smartphones. Until now.

gmail-mobile is a PHP-based SourceForge project to let you read and send Gmail with a simple browser. Basically, if you have access to a web-facing server with PHP, that you can access from your phone, you can install gmail-mobile on the PHP server, and it will act as a gateway between your phone and Gmail.

Great idea. but the price of entry is high. First, you need to have a server that runs PHP, and can be securely accessed from your phone (wouldn’t want others hacking on the app or sniffing your mail, would you?). There are some sites popping up already – (WAP only) and – that propose to let you access your Gmail from their server. Great idea in principle, but I have security concerns for a shared access setup like that.

Google has stated that they’ll eventually make a simple HTML version of Gmail that should be accessible by mobile devices, and maybe even POP3 or IMAP (please oh please!) access. But if you’ve absolutely positively got to have your Gmail on your wireless device, check this out.