AT&T Unlimited GPRS for a Decent Price

AT&T’s SmartPhone Unlimited Data Plan :: Mobile Gadget News

I’m known to be a pretty big T-Mobile fanboy because of their cheap unlimited GPRS access. They were the first to offer it, and they’re still the cheapest.

But I’ve got friends and coworkers that are stuck with AT&T for one reason or another (contract, coverage, etc.), but have a Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone Edition, and want cheap data access, too.

Now, it looks like there is a plan available that offers unlimited GPRS data access (web, email, etc.) for $24.99/month:

This plan will cover the MPx200 and any future SmartPhones (like the MPx220 in October). It costs $24.99 for unlimited data and no roaming plus no charge for connecting through a VPN. The only catch is it does require a voice plan.

That’s definitely better than the $80 they were charging before. Head over to MGN and read the rest of the details, and give AT&T a call to set up the plan. Be prepared to deal with people that don’t know what you’re talking about. You should probably do something to soothe yourself and build up your patience before you call, like have some chamomile tea, or something. This AT&T Wireless we’re talking about.