BargainPDA’s First Thoughts on the BlackBerry 7100t

First Thoughts – RIM BlackBerry 7100t

The folks over at BargainPDA got their hands on the new RIM BlackBerry 7100t device -the one with the funky new 20 key keyboard, and have posted their impressions:

Of course the big deal is the text entry system. I have to be honest…the learning curve is going to be pretty steep. The entry works much like a cell phone, where you hit a button multiple times to get the letter you want. In this case there are two letters per button. As you enter in letters, the software tries to guess at the word you want to spell. It’s supposed to grow with the user, so it becomes more accurate, resulting in faster input. My initial take is the input is clunky and hard to learn. But to be fair, I didn’t use the device for an extended period of time. At the moment it’s one of those things that sounds interesting, but I’m skeptical about its day-to-day usage. All of this said, people used to text messaging on their phones will probably pick up this entry system rather quickly.

Do you think enough people will be tempted by the CrackBerry promise of super-connectivity with your email, coupled with the comfortable $200 price, to overcome learning what amounts to almost a completely new input method? Hard to tell at this point, but it’s definitely got potential.