Cingular to Launch Motorola MPX220 Oct. 18

Rumor: Motorola MPx and MPx220 smartphone updates : Online Phone Magazine :

PhoneMag is reporting that according to a reliable source, the Motorola MPX220 will (finally!) launch in the U.S. on Cingular on October 18, 2004:

Cingular will be the first to get the Motorola MPx220 smartphone on October 18th 2004. This is an update from our previous post citing the September 27th release date of the MPx220. We also got word that there integrated camera on the MPx220 has not been improved very much from first release.

I’ve heard this date from other sources, so hopefully, it’s true. That’s only a few weeks from now!

I’m a little bit troubled about the fact that the camera doesn’t seem to have been improved. That was one of the biggest complaints I’ve seen in the pre-release reviews I’ve read. I was hoping that one things they were fixing during all of the delays this phone has had was the camera, but it looks like we might be out of luck.