Dell Axim X50 Pics, Released Later This Month?

Is this the Axim X50? – Engadget –

Engadget and the rest of us are wondering if these are real pics of the Dell Axim X50:

There was already one fake pic of the X50, and another of the Tungsten T5 circulated earlier this week, but it looks like this could be the real thing.

The X50 received FCC certification this week, and is reported to be available at the end of this month.

I hope that this is the real X50, as opposed to the fake rehashed X5 pic that popped up earlier this week. The curves and smoothness are nice, and evoke memories of the sleek little iPAQ 1900 series.

Time will tell if this is the real thing, or if we all got suckered by another fake pic (three times in one week has got to be some kind of record).