Dell Axim X50 Release Date, Model Specs, and Prices?

Aximsite – x50 Release Date and Pricing

User Cilicon472 over at Aximsite claims to have received details on the X50’s different model specs, prices, and release date. Here’s what he got:

X50 – 416MHz PXA270 CPU, 64MB RAM, no WiFi, 3.5″ QVGA = $299
X50 – 520MHz PXA270 CPU, 128MB RAM, WiFi, 3.5″ QVGA = $399
X50v – 612MHz PXA270 CPU, 128MB RAM, WiFi, 3.7″ VGA = $499

All models feature 64MB ROM, Bluetooth, CF and SDIO slots, and an 1100mAh battery.

The cited “launch date” is October 10, with an “order date” listed as October 12.

Some of the users over at Aximsite are a little upset about the prices being higher than anticipated, but I think that they’re right on. For comparison’s sake, HP’s flagship iPAQ 4700 series, with comparable specs to the X50v, lists for $649.

The only one I’d consider out of the three is the X50v with the VGA screen. If I didn’t need a VGA screen, I’d go for an X30 624MHz for under $300.