Geeks Gone Wild – Best Costumes Ever! – Some not-so-compact devices

Check this out:

These are some “excited” members of the .NET Compact Framework and Visual Studio for Devices teams at Microsoft. I have no idea what occasion prompted such a display, but I’m sad I wasn’t there.

I don’t know what makes me a bigger geek – the fact that I could readily identify all five of the devices they’re dressed up as (left to right: iPAQ 5500, Sony Ericsson T610, Blackberry 7230, Palm M500, Nokia 3650, and Motorola MPX200), or that I’m insanely jealous of their costumes.

I really, really want an MPX200 costume for Halloween. Think I can come up with one in two months?

EDIT: Here’s another pic of the iPAQ off on his own, throwing the peace sign:


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  1. paula says:

    Please advise,

    I need to find a costume of a cell phone and an old fashion land phone. Do you have any available for purchase. Please advise. I could be reached at 914 548 3198. Thank you in advance for your help. PAULA

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