Blog Reviews the Motorola MPX220 – Motorola MPX220 Review

Breaking news! Howard Chui, everyone’s favorite cell phone guru, has just posted his review of the Motorola MPX220!

His conclusion?

The MPx220 is a nice showcase of what Windows Mobile for Smartphone can do when married with a powerful device. Even running CPU intensive tasks like watching videos or listening to music does the MPx220 run smoothly. However the MPx220 isn’t perfect. It’s a little on the large side while it’s screen is a little on the small side. Also it’s camera is absolutely abysmal.

Compared with Nokia’s Series 60 Smartphone, the MPx220 seems best suited for web browsing while Series 60 excels at imaging and messaging while both seem to be about the same when it comes to phone related functions.

I’ll post more of my thoughts later – I still haven’t actually finished reading the review (it’s a 10 page monster, and Howard’s a very thorough guy). I’ve been staying up late, refreshing my RSS feeds in Bloglines, seeing what’s fresh and new, and I wanted to post this as soon as possible. See the lengths that I go to for you, my loyal readers? 😉

EDIT: OK, I’m back from reading. Howard has written a very nice and thorough review of the MPX220, even for someone not familiar with Windows Mobile Smartphones. He covers all aspects of the phone’s operation. His biggest complaint was the quality of the camera. Even though it’s 1.2 megapixel, the pictures it takes are just sub par. Other pre-production reviews have mentioned this, so let’s hope it’s taken care of in the final version.

I was also very surprised to see that the MPX220’s screen is noticeably smaller than the MPX200’s:

Left to right: Nokia 7610, Motorola MPx220, Motorola MPx200, SPVe200

Hmm. I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve seen one in person, and compared it to my MPX200, but I’d expect the newer model to improve on the old one in every aspect – including screen size. Looks like this is one area where the MPX200 retains the advantage.