HTC Typhoon coming the U.S. – Tri-Band GSM850/1800/1900 Version

FCC Approves 850Mhz Version of HTC Typhoon – Audiovox SMT5600

It looks like one of the hottest Smartphones out there, the HTC Typhoon (a.k.a. the Orange SPV C500, i-Mate Smartphone 3, Qtek 8010, and more) is headed for the U.S., and not just as an expensive unlocked import.

The FCC has approved a tri-band version of the Typhoon that inlcludes the GSM850 MHz band. This is the band used by AT&T and Cingular, and it’s only used in the U.S.

Consider this a pretty good indication that the Typhoon will eventually be offered by a U.S. carrier. When that will be, nobody knows. The Motorola MPX220 was approved by the FCC ages ago, and it’s still not available anywhere.