Motorola A630 Shows Up on Amazon Cell Phones: Motorola A630 Phone (T-Mobile)

Shades of old two-way pagers… The Motorola A630, the funky little phone that’s basically got the guts of a V600 but flips open to reveal a QWERTY keyboard has shown up on Amazon from T-Mobile:

It’s $275 with a new activation, with a $175 rebate bringing the price down to $99. Not bad for a “feature phone” (I won’t call it a smartphone) with a camera, Bluetooth, and a keyboard in a decent form factor. The original rumor was that the A630 would come out on Cingular first, but it looks like that one was wrong.

How cool would this little guy have been if they put Windows Mobile for Smartphones on it? Can you say “MPX220 and C500 Killer”? *sigh*